Judge John Hodgman


Greg Kamprath and Eric Heveron-Smith recently presented a case before Judge John Hodgman. It’s up now and you can listen here. The case concerns whether or not one should ask the audience to clap along to a song when performing. Thanks to some friendly editing, we sound much more like the competent buzz marketers Judge Hodgman makes us out to be. Originally there were a lot more “uh…”s and awkward pauses before answering.

But as long as you’re here, listen to our album, At the Campfire!

Cap Youth @ PhilaMOCA 10.21


Hey we’re excited about a show/party coming up October 21st in Philly at PhilaMOCA. We’re going to be playing with a bunch of good friends: Ryan James Anderson, The Diaphone, F. Woods. It’s going to be some variant of the Capitalist Youth, but probably not the whole lineup. Time is 8pm-11pm, $10 admission.

Capitalist Youth and Cuddle Magic @ Passim 7/2!


Hello all, we’re excited to be opening for Cuddle Magic at Club Passim on Saturday, July 2nd! Check out the Facebook page or Club Passim for details.

Also if you can’t make it, you can always watch us streaming online. Check it out at Concert Window, 8pm.