The Capitalist Youth play acoustic indie rock combining a living room full of misfit instruments with lyrically driven songs about summer camp, existential crises and gubernatorial indiscretions. Their music may appeal to fans of Pedro the Lion, the Frames and the New Pornographers.

The Capitalist YouthThe Capitalist Youth are former high school classmates Greg Kamprath, Eric Heveron-Smith and Frank Wartinger. Several years post graduation they united to record their debut album, “At the Campfire”. Kamprath is the lead vocalist and songwriter. All three members are multi-instrumentalists. The band performs with a variety of supporting players, most recently with Kelly Kamprath, Brian Heveron-Smith and Scott Hallam (Gunsling Birds). Bandmembers reside in Philadelphia & Boston.

The album “At the Campfire” was released in June 2010 in conjunction with house, coffeeshop and club performances in the Northeast. In August, the song “Arcade” was featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered. The Capitalist Youth are excited about the reactions they’ve had to their music and project continued and increased performances.