“… [The Capitalist Youth are] able to adeptly inject something into their music that only a handful of others have done well: humanity, with a laid back sense of humor, and without any of the awkward pauses that come from other bands who get lucky on a song or two and can’t maintain things the rest of the way. That same levity that transcends the music industry is what makes their debut album, At The Campfire, so special, and what should undoubtedly carry them to bigger and better places.” – Who The Hell Are… The Capitalist Youth?  by Jonathan Langer, Webcuts, 10/12/2010

“The Capitalist Youth seize a moment in genre definition with the updated-folk sound of “Arcade.” This song doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a barn 200 years ago, and it doesn’t sound like a throwaway from the “O Brother, Where Art Thou” soundtrack. As implied by the name, “Arcade” is a thoroughly modern-sounding song – in terms of sensation alone. The sounds are crisp, clean and polished. The composition of the song itself, however, is a subdued and accessible piece, very much in line with the philosophical trappings of the folk genre.

“Arcade” doesn’t hit you over the head with any form of manufactured abundance of energy. It doesn’t sink any form of overtly catchy hook into your ear, either. It is, in a way, perfectly self-satisfied – without sounding smug. This song finds no need to raise its voice or make a big deal. The chorus of vocals sound like a friendly singalong – and remember, folk music is all about accessibility and letting all the folks (right?) join in, and ‘Arcade’ leaves the door wide open for participation.” – C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush 2/17/2011

“I’ve listened to most of the CDs I got at Newport [Folk Festival 2010] [from musicians who dropped off their CD at the NPR tent], and The Capitalist Youth is the CD I like best.” – Bob Boilen, All Songs Considered, 8/24/2010

“The songs on At the Campfire are short and to the point.  A strong album from such a young band, this left me feeling cheerful and thoroughly satisfied.  There is nothing new here, but what they’ve done, they’ve done really well.” 2 1/2 Headphones out of 3, “Almost Excellent” – EA’s Brain, 11/4/2010